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September 13, 2021
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October 23, 2021

Whether this step is necessary for you depends on whether you want to install a kitchen sink in a new worktop or replace your old sink with a new one. If you have a new worktop, you can go straight to the next step. If the latter is the case, you have to remove the old sink first. If you plan to continue using the countertop afterward, make sure that your new sink is the same size or larger than your old one. In both cases, turn off the water at the angle valves before you start removing.

When removing the old sink, you first have to take care of the connections: Unscrew the union nuts of the two flexible hoses and loosen the drain fitting. Make sure to place a bucket underneath to catch any remaining water. Pull off the hoses and then loosen the screw connection on the downpipe. Once you’ve unscrewed the mounting brackets under the sink, you can lift the kitchen sink off the countertop.

Try installing the new kitchen sink to see if the countertop needs to be adjusted. To do this, place the folding rule from the edge of the sink to the outer edge and move the sink so that the distance is the same everywhere. So that you can adjust the worktop, mask the edge all around with masking tape. Then, draw the outline of the sink on it. To prevent the kitchen sink from falling through later, the hole must not be as large as the entire outline. So measure the small edge on the sink and adjust this dimension accordingly to the outline.

Put on earmuffs and safety glasses. Since you cannot use the circular saw at the edge, you use the so-called plunge cut. Put the saw on the line, start the saw blade and remove the lock. In order to be able to make a clean cut, you now plunge evenly down into the wood. Of course, the step can also be done with a jigsaw. After sawing, remove the tape and check the fit of the sink.

When you have finished to saw, you seal the cut edge with silicone. You spread the silicone with a Japanese spatula.

Next, focus on the holes for the kitchen faucet. For this step, it’s best to place the sink on two trestles so that you can work better. Determine the desired position for the faucet and mark the spot with a pencil. Drill the marked area with a metal drill. The pre-drilled hole should have a diameter of about 3 mm. Now switch the drill to a low speed and widen the hole to about 13 mm.

Tip: To make it easier to insert the drill, press the marked area with a center punch or a nail. To do this, you place it on the marking and knock it into the material of the kitchen sink with a targeted hammer blow.

Use a punch to punch out the hole for the fitting. To do this, push the upper part of the hole cutter with the thread from above into the previously drilled hole. Screw on the counterpart from below. Adjust the exact fit of the cutter: The 13 mm hole gives enough play to compensate for an inexact hole. Then use an open-end wrench to firmly tighten the hole cutter screw to punch out the final hole.

Now you assemble the drain fitting and the faucet. To do this, insert the O-ring into the fitting from below and place the washer and the sealing ring on the union nut. Twist the flexible hoses and thread them through the hole. Now pull on the union nut with the sealing ring and washer and screw everything onto the fitting.

Screw the drainpipe to the drain valve and the sink. Place the union nut with a sealing ring on the side exit on the downpipe and mount the downpipe with the siphon on the drain valve. Then stick the soundproofing tape under the sink so that the impact of the water sounds nice and full. Apply the sealing tape not only under the basin but also around the sink so that the sink is sealed. Then you screw on the screw clamps. Before you insert the sink in the next step, you have to mount the tap.

Place the sink in the cutout and align it parallel to the edge of the plate. Push the screw clamps outwards until the claws are under the worktop. Now you can tighten the screws and the claws sit firmly in the wood. Then the two flexible hoses are connected and tightened with an open-end wrench. Just attach the drainage hose between the siphon and the wall connection. As soon as you open the corner valves, your sink is ready for use and you can run the water.

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