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Quick Ship Cabinets, is a market leading supplier of all wooden kitchen cabinets, stone countertops, vanity units and their accessories. We strive to build your dream kitchen and bathroom together via 3D Cabinet Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Visualizer tools. To this end, we offer high quality cabinets and countertops for reasonable prices.

If you always want to be updated about the latest trends in cabinets, you should follow us. We will give you a quick look at the most popular products!

Quick Ship Cabinets is delighted to say that our Cabinets, Vanities and Countertops are products of quality brands of design and building market.

Quick Ship Cabinets' professional 3D design team offers a comprehensive custom kitchen cabinet and stone countertop visualize service for you to design your kitchen and bathroom together.

  Our Differences

3D Cabinet Design

2020 3D modelling software helps professional designers, retailers and manufacturers in the interior design and furniture industries capture ideas, inspire innovation and streamline processes.

2020 applications allow professional designers to create kitchens, bathrooms, closets and commercial offices which look as stunning on the screen as they do in reality. 2020 helps retailers to inspire the imagination of their customers and our solutions for furniture and cabinet manufacturers provide a complete manufacturing operations management capability.

Kitchen Visualizer

Thousands of design combinations, select from cabinet colors, backsplash, countertops, and flooring. MS International continues to innovate and re-envision how customers select natural stone and tile for their interior and exterior design projects.

MSI's popular web-based Virtual Kitchen Designer tool is now available for iphone and ipad. MSI will continue our pursuit to make your experience better, check back often as there are even more tools on the horizon!

Countertop Edge Visualizer

If you’ve chosen your countertop material, it is now time to choose your countertop edge profile. MSI's countertop edge visualizer tool allows you to preview 12 of the most popular countertop edges look like on a kitchen island.

While you could choose just a simple eased countertop edge, there are so many other options that add character, and may be better suited for your overall design. MSI will continue our pursuit to make your experience better, check back often as there are even more tools on the horizon!


1How should I wipe my cabinets?
You should not damage your stains and finish by cleaning the surface of the case instead of wet wiping it.
2What kind of cleaners should I use?
Use only mild cleaning products when cleaning cabinet surfaces.
3Should I apply cleaning products directly onto the cabinet?
Cleaning products should never be sprayed directly onto the cabinet. Put the product on a cleaning cloth instead.
4Is there something regular to do?
Your cabinets should be cleaned regularly with damp soft cloths.
5Are cabinets waterproof?
Immediately dry excess water to prevent water damage to the cabinet surfaces.