How Should The Kitchen Be Planned ?
May 15, 2020
Planning Tips For Small Kitchens – 2
May 24, 2020

Every apartment, no matter how small, needs a kitchen. But what do you have to bear in mind when planning a kitchen? What do you have to consider when planning a small kitchen? We have planning tips for you on how to make your little kitchen a big success!

To thinking up high

If you are planning a small kitchen, remember that you have little space in the width. But in the height! Kitchen cabinets that end with the ceiling of the room visually enlarge and offer a lot of storage space. There is a large selection of different cabinet heights and many planning options to make the most of the available space. For example, two wall cabinets can be placed one above the other. If these are also fitted with glass doors and illuminated, they visually enlarge the room and make the kitchen appear bright and friendly.

Plan dishwasher

Now you’re probably asking yourself why you should plan on space for a dishwasher in a kitchen that is already far too small anyway. It’s quite simple: the dishwasher does take up some space inside the kitchen unit, but just think how much space the dirty dishes take up. You need your work surface to work, not to collect dishes. A small dishwasher is just 45 cm wide and does the washing up almost by itself.


With a small kitchen, you often do not have much space for form. But with an L-kitchen or corner kitchen you should be able to accommodate everything and still have room to cook, cut vegetables and bake. The ideal situation here is when the three most important kitchen areas – refrigeration, cooking and washing up – are planned close together to save unnecessary travel.

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