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February 10, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Especially with large projects, such as the kitchen renovation, there are many work steps that you or the craftsman have to do. In order not to lose track of outstanding work or materials, you should plan everything carefully in advance.

From the selection of the fitted kitchen to the delivery and installation of the new appliances and kitchen units, you leave nothing to chance.

A step-by-step plan, which you can use as a guide during your kitchen renovation, is helpful for good planning.

Renovate the kitchen- 8 steps

Thoroughly plan the kitchen

If you want to renovate your kitchen, extensive planning is essential. This organization not only includes the actual kitchen planning, but also all other work that has to be organized and carried out.

If you are planning the furnishing of your new kitchen with us, you will discuss with your advisor which work on the room should be done yourself.

Make appointments

If you have ordered the new kitchen equipment and the delivery time has been determined, you can arrange the appropriate dates with the necessary craftsmen. If work is still pending on the room, this should be completed before delivery.

Keep in mind that many craftsmen have full order books. So you should plan at least one to two months in advance and ask for appointments. The earlier you inquire about and make an appointment, the greater the likelihood that your renovation will go smoothly.

Dispose of old devices

If you want to replace your kitchen with all the electrical appliances, you have to take care of the disposal of the old appliances. If these are still intact, you can either give them away or offer the old devices for sale online.

Even with defective devices, with a bit of luck, you will find a tinkerer who will remove and repair your old oven or stove. If this doesn’t work, you can take it to the nearest recycling center.

If necessary, you can also agree that the old appliances will be taken with you when the new kitchen is delivered. So you don’t have to take care of the disposal yourself, just plan how to store the old devices during the renovation.

Organize an alternative kitchen

For the duration of the renovation, you should think about how you can prepare food alternatively. If you don’t want to use restaurants or delivery services during the renovation, you can pre-cook your food and store it in a freezer or refrigerator. During the renovation, you warm up food in the microwave, for example.

Alternatively, you can buy mobile stoves or borrow them from friends. You will use these to prepare food during the renovation.

Keep in mind that the dishwasher and sink cannot be used. For a while, for example, you can use a large plastic tub to wash your dishes in it.

If you want to renovate the kitchen in winter, food can be cooled on the balcony or terrace. In summer, you shouldn’t dispose of your old refrigerator before your new one has been delivered. Just move it to another room while you work. Make sure to use cardboard or a towel to protect the floor from pressure marks.

Create space to work

If the delivery date for the kitchen is approaching, you clear everything aside that could stand in the way of the kitchen fitters. Make sure to protect sensitive wooden or tile floors with blankets or painter’s fleece. You can hang up annoying doors during the renovation.

If your kitchen is smaller, it is best to create a place outside the room where the fitters can put their tools. Here, too, make sure to protect the floor from scratches and pressure marks.

Check delivery

On the day of delivery, you take a close look at the furniture and electrical appliances. Make sure that what you ordered was actually delivered and installed. If something is wrong, make a note of it and have the supplier acknowledge it for you.

Assess the assembly work

Once the kitchen fitters are done, don’t let them go right away. While they’re there, examine his work:

Do all new power tools work?
Are all the joints perfect?
Are the water connections installed correctly?
Do all doors, drawers, and drawers open and close properly?
Are all kitchen cabinets reinstalled?
Is the wood of the new facades and shelves scratch-free?
Is the new bank perfect?
Are all handles installed correctly?
If there is a problem, you can write to the installer to confirm it.

Complain about defects

If you only notice something that has not been properly implemented after the fitters have left, contact the company or our customer service. The best thing to do is to do this in writing and provide photos of the defects that have been addressed. Describe exactly what you are complaining about and set a deadline for resolving it.

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