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A kitchen island is often an integral part of an open kitchen. Depending on the equipment, the island can be used for cooking, as an additional work surface, or for eating itself. How you can plan the kitchen island and much more, you will find out in this guide.

How big should you plan a kitchen island?

The size of a kitchen island depends a lot on the size of the kitchen. In theory, there is no upper limit. Note, however, that the depth should not be less than that of a typical countertop. That is at least 80 cm deep

The island shouldn’t be too deep and wide either, so that you can easily reach every place on the kitchen island. In addition, choose them only so large that you avoid unnecessary walking distances.

In general, the following applies: A large family who likes to cook a lot needs a larger cooking island than a single household.

Plan the distance between the kitchen unit and the cooking island

Plan the distance between the kitchen unit and the cooking island
There should be at least four feet of space between the kitchen island and the surrounding cabinets and work areas. In this way, two opposing drawers can be conveniently opened at the same time and all users have sufficient space and freedom of movement in the kitchen.

How expensive is a kitchen island?

A kitchen with a cooking island starts at a few thousand dollars. The specific price ultimately depends on the size of the kitchen, the built-in appliances and the desired materials as well as the general product quality

It gets more expensive if you want to use the kitchen island for cooking and washing up. Then the corresponding connections are added. To do this, the floor usually has to be opened in order to lay all the necessary connecting cables.

If you decide to make a higher investment, you will usually buy a more comfortable and durable kitchen with a kitchen island. When it comes to kitchens, it is usually worth thinking twice about a higher quality model.

What material should the kitchen island be made of?

When choosing the materials, use your existing kitchen unit as a guide. If you want a completely new fitted kitchen, it is best to buy everything from one manufacturer or to choose a model that goes together.

But stylistic contrasts can also be something to look at. For example, choose the wooden kitchen fronts and combine them with a granite kitchen island. White plastic for the fronts and a kitchen island with a slate look or in an industrial style also go well together.

Ultimately, the choice of materials depends on your taste and the desired quality: What type of style do you prefer?

Which countertop for the kitchen island?

When it comes to countertops, you have a wide range of choices. Stainless steel scores with high heat resistance and hygiene. However, the material is delicate. Scratches can be seen quickly.

A surface made of ceramic is robust against scratches. It doesn’t even bother with acids. However, it costs more. Another option is plastic. Plastic worktops are very easy to care for. They are also offered in many designs and are usually cheaper.

Surfaces made of wood or stone are classics. The same applies to robust natural stone such as quartz, marble or granite.

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