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March 9, 2021
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Not all floor coverings are equally suitable as kitchen floors. Find out more about possible materials for your kitchen floor here.

You have to pay attention to this

Since you move around a lot and do various jobs in the kitchen, not every flooring is suitable for every kitchen. The kitchen floor has to withstand a lot:

Your kitchen floor should be sturdy and scratch-resistant.
He shouldn’t mind hot water or oil.
The flooring needs to have enough grip so that you don’t slip.
Last but not least, you should also like the look of the kitchen floor.

What coverings are there for the kitchen floor?

There are a number of materials that can be used for flooring in your kitchen. In addition to their appearance, they also differ in price, resilience and ease of care.

Below you will find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of tiles, earthenware, vinyl, parquet, laminate, linoleum, cork and carpet.

Vinyl as a kitchen floor

Small and large scratches, dents, or dents are clearly visible.
In contrast to real wooden fronts, the damage cannot simply be repaired, polished away or sanded off.
A real lacquer front is very expensive.

The eponymous material for the vinyl floor is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). For a long time, vinyl floors were considered the standard in kitchens because they are insensitive and inexpensive. There have long been numerous colors and decors, for example in tile or wood optics.

The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl:

Vinyl floors are easy to care for: stains can be easily removed from them. The floors are visually versatile and can also imitate tiles, parquet, or laminate. Vinyl has good impact sound insulation. The material offers a pleasant walking experience.
Vinyl is less robust than other materials: Heavy furniture or chairs can cause pressure points. Vinyl floors must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Parquet kitchen floor

Parquet is a wonderful floor covering, especially for open kitchens. If the same covering is also in the living room, it visually connects the rooms. However, you have to seal parquet in the kitchen so that it is resistant to stains and water.

The advantages and disadvantages of parquet

Wood optically radiates warmth and conveys coziness; open-pore wood absorbs air moisture and releases it again. The kitchen floor has a positive effect on the room climate. Small splashes of water are not a problem if you have sealed the floor with moisture protection. Thanks to irregularities in the material (e.g. knots), individual scratches or stains are hardly noticeable. The parquet can be repaired and new to seal. It lasts for up to 30 years.
Real wood is relatively expensive: the price range starts at around € 40 per square meter. Despite its robustness, parquet can show some signs of wear over time. Damp parquet can swell. You have to keep it dry at all times, as exposure to sunlight can cause wood to yellow or darken.

Natural stone kitchen floor

Natural stones such as marble, slate or granite are an extremely attractive floor covering for the kitchen. The material is robust and gives the kitchen an individual look.

The advantages and disadvantages of stone

Stone is water-repellent and easy to clean. Hard stone tiles, for example made of granite or slate, are extremely hard-wearing and insensitive to scratches. Stone is a natural product, which is why every floor covering is unique.
The price of natural stone floors can be several hundred euros per square meter. Tiles made of marble or limestone need a surface sealing. You should also quickly wipe off any splashes from sealed material. Stone is sensitive to acids – vinegar cleaners are therefore taboo. Stone floor coverings are difficult to remove from the kitchen.

Tiles for the kitchen floor

Floor tiles come in countless colors and formats. But tiles also differ significantly in terms of quality. There are noble, glazed and more rustic, unglazed tiles.

The advantages and disadvantages of tiles

Many tiles are extremely cheap: their price range starts at around € 5 per square meter. The selection of tiles in different looks is immense. Tiles are robust and, if properly cared for, will last up to 30 years. Glazed and carefully grouted tiles are easy to care for: grease and other stains can usually simply be wiped away.
Especially in winter, the flooring feels uncomfortably cold. Unglazed tiles are more sensitive and stain more easily than glazed tiles.

Laminate as a kitchen floor

Laminate is the inexpensive alternative to parquet. It can be laid over old flooring so you don’t have to remove it.

The advantages and disadvantages of laminate

There are many different types of laminate, and high-quality laminate is hard-wearing. Even falling kitchen utensils cannot harm it. With impregnation protection, laminate flooring is water-repellent and easy to care for. Nevertheless, you should remove moisture quickly. Laminate is inexpensive: The high-quality flooring is available from € 15 per square meter.
You usually have to replace laminate after 15 years; Laminate can be repaired, but not as easily as parquet. Larger scratches may remain visible in the laminate. Standing water causes the laminate to swell quickly – especially if it penetrates the joints. Laminate looks less elegant than parquet and feels colder.

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