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Kitchen Elements: Kitchen Cabinets & Corpus 1
October 3, 2020
Kitchen Cabinets and countertops
Kitchen Elements: Kitchen Cabinets & Corpus 3
October 17, 2020

The scope and planning of the kitchen elements essentially depends on two factors: how you use your kitchen and the kitchen dimensions. However, thanks to clever planning of the kitchen cabinets and many practical ideas for organizing your kitchen cabinets, there is a lot that can be done when it comes to the optimal planning of the elements in your kitchen.

Standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets

Manufacturers of kitchen cabinets usually offer them in uniform dimensions. In any gaps that may arise, panels are usually placed in them, unless the space in between can be used otherwise.

Kitchen base units and kitchen wall units are usually available in widths of 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100 and 120 centimeters; some suppliers also offer intermediate sizes. Tall units are usually only available up to 60 centimeters wide.

The depth of kitchen cabinets is often variable, with 40, 60 and 80 centimeters being the most common sizes.

Planning kitchen elements correctly

When planning your kitchen, there are incredibly many options! But there are also some fixed specifications, such as the stove or water connection, that you need to take into account. You should answer the following questions before you start distributing the kitchen cabinets:

– Where is the water connection for the sink and kitchen faucet?

– Will a dishwasher and possibly even a washing machine be connected to my water connection in the kitchen? (Inlet and outlet must not normally be too far from the connection due to the necessary pressure).

– Where is the power connection for the stove ? How far can the connection be moved to the right or left? (It is best to consult an electrician about this!)

– Are hob and oven two separate appliances or one?

– How large and how high should the work surface be?

– What other appliances should be placed in the kitchen, e.g. microwave, coffee machine, mixer? Will these remain permanently next to a power outlet or will they only be taken out of the kitchen cabinet when in use?

– How much space do refrigerator and freezer need ? How do I place them correctly, also under aspects of energy efficiency?

– Should my kitchen appliances stand freely or will they be built-in appliances?

– What is the minimum space required for storing dishes, food and other items?

– Do I have a lot of large kitchen utensils that take up a lot of space in the cupboards?

Tip: If you draw a floor plan of your kitchen and mark the appliances in the right place, you can usually get a good idea of which kitchen cabinets will fit in between them and in what dimensions.

Every kitchen cabinet has its purpose

Base units form the foundation of a kitchen, the so-called kitchen corpus. Apart from the generous storage space you create in the base units, the carcass of the kitchen cabinets has another function: The countertop is next to the kitchen carcass.

When choosing your base units, you should therefore have already thought about the material your countertop will be made of. Heavy materials, such as a kitchen countertop made of granite, other natural stones or concrete, require particularly robust bodies. This is especially true if you are planning a large kitchen island with an extravagant countertop out of marble or similar.

In addition, the kitchen base units are usually to store heavy utensils. In this way, you not only avoid the danger of hanging cabinets falling down. If you secure them not properly, but also of heavy kitchen utensils slipping out of your hands and causing damage.

A special element in the kitchen is the sink base cabinet, which is traditionally to store cleaning products and the like. A lot of space is often wasted here, but with a few clever tidy aids you can make the best use of the space under the sink.

The wall units are suitable for the lighter utensils. As well as for things that are not for daily usage and should therefore be easily accessible when standing, such as food supplies.

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