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October 27, 2020
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November 14, 2020

What needs to be considered when planning a well-functioning family kitchen and what little tricks do you use to create enough space for (safe) cooking with children? Your kitchen planner will tell you that the most important criteria is the right choice of your new kitchen cabinets!

With the right planning, a family kitchen offers countless possibilities and room for development for the whole family. Even if you don’t have children yet, it is especially useful for a condominium or your own house to think about the possibility of having children when planning the kitchen. Design your kitchen right from the start so that you have plenty of storage space and shelves. Because if baby bottles, untidy dishes and chaos for children suddenly appear at home, you will be happy about it.

Generously plan a family kitchen

Which brings us to the most important point. What a family kitchen needs most of all is a lot of space!

Sufficient storage space should not only be available in the kitchen cabinets, but also the space between the furniture, on the countertop and at the dining table should be generous.

The most important thing here is a good room layout that allows for generous work surfaces and at the same time provides for the shortest possible walking distances in the so-called operative triangle (preparing, cooking, washing up). In many cases, right choosen kitchen cabinets and  a kitchen island are particularly suitable for this purpose, where the opened cookbook can also find its place. However, it requires a sufficiently large space and is particularly suitable if it is an open kitchen that merges into a more spacious dining area or living room.

For smaller rooms, L-shaped kitchens and possibly the U-shaped kitchen are particularly suitable. These kitchen shapes offer plenty of space for cabinets and surrounding countertops.

The space requirement unites all family kitchens. But when it comes to use and style, the needs of each family are different. The kitchen should therefore be adapted individually.

Right kitchen cabinets -organization vs. chaos

In a much-used family kitchen, things can quickly become quite chaotic. Cookware and plates from lunch have not yet been cleared away, nor all the shopping from the morning, now the big guy has spread out his homework on the table and the floor has become an adventure playground for Mr. Lemon Squeezer and Mrs. Tea Strainer…

It’s not always easy to keep order in the family kitchen, so here are a few tricks how to make your work at least not harder than necessary:

– Kitchen gadgets should have a fixed place in the cabinets and drawers so that everyone always knows where to find what.

– Inserts for cabinets and drawers help to ensure that all kitchen utensils are at hand with one grip. Long pushing and searching in deep cabinets can often be the last straw that breaks your back.

– Items that are used a lot should be placed in such a way that they can be grasped particularly quickly. If it’s not knives and other kitchen utensils that are potentially dangerous for the little ones, you can place them in the bottom cabinets that are also accessible to the children. In this way you can encourage them to help, they are busy at the same time and learn to take responsibility in housework.

– A large sink should definitely be part of every family kitchen. It not only makes it easier to wash large pans, trays and pots, but also provides more space for washing up and preparing the ingredients.

– Use materials that are as easy to clean as possible for all kitchen elements and especially the kitchen countertop. Easy to clean and hygienic surfaces are a great time saver in the long run.

– And last but not least: keep calm and refrain from perfection. In a life with children it is simply not possible to always sit in a perfectly tidy household. They must also be able to spread out. It is best to arrange a time with them in advance to help clean up the chaos they share.

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