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November 14, 2020
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November 24, 2020

Kitchen Cabinets remodeling is a great way to quickly create a new look. With minimal disruption to your kitchen – and usually with significant cost savings compared to completely replacing cabinets. When rebuilding kitchen cabinets, you need to reuse your existing cabinets and frames while replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Step 1 – Make an evaluation

Not only do your existing cabinets need to be reused, it also means that you cannot change the layout or design of your existing kitchen cabinets. You must be satisfied with the size and flow of the cabinets. Satisfied with the layout? The next important consideration is the condition of the existing cabinets. If the cabinets are in good condition, the next step is to consider the new look you are trying to achieve.

There are a variety of different sizes, finishes and surfaces available for prefabricated doors and drawer fronts, so you can easily find a standard size that fits your needs. Of course you can always have custom doors and drawer fronts, but this will greatly reduce your savings.

Step 2 – Choose the new finish

Would you like a new, traditional, natural wood finish, a lacquer finish or perhaps a modern high-tech finish? Both prefabricated and unfinished products are available. There is an obvious advantage to using prefabricated material. But I cannot emphasize enough the care that needs to be taken when working with prefabricated products. They are almost impossible to improve, especially when you dinghy them. On the other hand, if you want a custom color or just want to enjoy the process and the personalized finish, the road is unfinished. Again, you have the added security of being able to fix any accidents that may occur during installation.

Step 3 – Preparing the room

Remove all doors and fittings and clean the exposed surfaces of the cabinets. After cleaning the surfaces, they should be slightly roughened with some sandpaper. This will help the new face, which will be glued and nailed, to stick better to the box.

Step 4 – Install the new face

The existing fields first get their new base layer. Cut the new face and glue the adhesive to the bottom. The new face, if you are looking for wooden cabinets, is usually made of plywood with a finished face made of a thin veneer of the finished wood (oak, maple, walnut, cherry, etc.), or if you are a painting, it can be made of a laminate and resin-based if you are looking for a glossy high-tech finish.

Step 5 – Veneering the boxes

The vertical element of a wall unit is called a spar and the horizontal element is called a rail. Add your chosen veneer by gluing it to the styles and then the rails of the existing cabinets. Veneers can be very thin and should be applied carefully – cut them with sharp scissors and then remove the self-adhesive backing as you continue. Be careful to squeeze out air bubbles when applying the veneer. Place the veneer on the spar and extend it in the box. It must be cut carefully with a clean, sharp knife. Most professionals overlap the bar slightly with the veneer. This means that the veneer for the rail is placed after the veneer is placed on the spar and pushed into the vertical piece, which also requires careful trimming.

Step 6 – Hang the new doors

Hanging doors can be a challenge because the doors must be carefully aligned and square. This task can be assisted by using a template, which is usually supplied with new hinges. I suggest buying adjustable hinges that allow easy adjustment with the help of a screwdriver. First attach the hinges to the doors and then to the frame and make small adjustments until the doors are in the right position and tighten them.

Step 7 – Installing the new drawer fronts

Changing drawer fronts can be relatively easy if the old ones are screwed in – it is a matter of unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one. However, if the old drawer front is one of the four sides of the existing box, you can cut off all sides of it so that it is now flush with the box. Turn the drawer over so that the old drawer front becomes the rear end of the drawer. The new drawer front is attached to the old back, taking care to attach it from the inside. It is now the new front end of the drawer. Since the drawer hardware is directed, you will need to turn the slide hardware around and reinstall it.

Step 8 – Add new hardware

Finally, complete your new cabinets with matching hardware drawer handles and handles. You need to align and drill holes correctly, which is usually facilitated by a template that accompanies the new hardware. If not, you can make a template from a piece of wood. This allows for accurate and consistent placement of the hardware.

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