Set Goals For Your Remodeling
May 4, 2020
Design Ideas for the Kitchen & Kitchen Cabinets
May 7, 2020

A renovation or remodeling of your kitchen is not a simple solution. Choosing the right kitchen design, colours and finishes takes time and careful thought. After spending a considerable amount of money, no homeowner wants to be left with a kitchen that is unsightly, too big for the space available and cheap to fit in with the overall design.

However, your kitchen countertop is an item that cannot be chosen easily. The kitchen countertop will give your kitchen the perfect look if it is chosen correctly.

Quick Ship Cabinets in Charlottesville, VA. has a range of kitchen countertops to suit your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the right kitchen countertop for you.

It is always attractive to choose a countertop purely for aesthetic reasons. However, you must take into account the durability of the material, the type of maintenance required and the cost, as well as the way you live your life. For example, if you’re thinking about the next Rachel Ray, you need a durable kitchen countertop that requires little to no maintenance.

Owners can select from a variety of materials and finishes. Quick Ship Cabinets can design and install a wide variety of kitchen countertops ranging from granite, marble, quartz, quartz, soapstone and limestone to cement countertops. And with years of experience, we can advise you on the perfect kitchen countertop  surface.

In fact, granite has been a firm favourite with homeowners. The material is available in a variety of colours and you can choose between two surfaces – matt or polished. It also requires little maintenance and only needs to be sealed occasionally. The cost of granite depends on various factors, such as colour, origin and surface treatment.

Other stone surfaces such as soapstone, limestone and marble are not as durable as granite and require more maintenance. Like granite, these stone countertops only occasionally need a sealant to maintain their original shine.

Another alternative to natural stone are kitchen countertops made of engineered stone. These kitchen countertops are available in a wider range of colours, are more robust and very easy to clean. However, it does not save you any costs, as artificial stone costs about the same as granite. Quick Ship Cabinets offers homeowners both options.

Also, house-owners have the opportunity to match materials for a warmer look and feel in the kitchen. For example, you can choose a natural stone countertop for high traffic areas and a wooden surface for a butcher’s block or island surface. The use of different materials for the countertops and islands also allows you to differentiate the rooms in the kitchen area. However, the maintenance effort for a wooden surface is much higher, as it often needs to be oiled to maintain the natural shine of the wood.

Quick Ship Cabinets has extensive experience in the design and installation of kitchen countertops and is incredibly familiar with the materials you can choose from. They also offer the most competitive options and the highest quality and service.

Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops & Vanity

Quick Ship Cabinets, with our kitchen cabinets, vanities and countertops and one of our trusted local manufacturers, offers you the opportunity to enjoy excellent kitchen and bathrooms with classic and modern lines.

Quick Ship Cabinets believes in the importance of clients handpicking cabinets, vanities & countertops for their personal projects, which is why we invite you to our showroom located at 3552 Seminole Trail Charlottesville, VA 22911. To experience our quick services schedule a free appointment Today!!!

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